Sehun and Tao playing with a cat feat. hand porn


Tao, Suho - 141005 WEibo account update: “快3年的时间,我爱上了这个名字T.A.O 他很爱台下的每一位喜欢EXO的EXO-L, 虽然他不是黄子韬,可T.A.O和黄子韬是一样的真实。快三年了,谢谢你们一直对我的支持和信任还有包容和爱,不要为我的成长感到悲伤,这是一件值得骄傲的事情。不是吗?等我调整好心态,回国活动与你们不见不散。”

Translation: “For nearly 3 years, I have loved this name T.A.O, he really loves every single EXO-L audience member who loves EXO, although he isn’t Huang Zitao, but T.A.O and Huang Zitao are just as real. Nearly 3 years, thank you for always supporting and trusting and accepting and loving me, don’t be sad for my growth, this is something worth being proud of. Is it not? Wait for me to adjust my mental state1, returning to activities in the country2 we will definitely meet.”

Credit: HZT-ao. (1Note: meaning heart, emotions and attitude, 2Note: in this case ‘the country’ would be in reference to China and EXO’s Chinese activities)


141005 SMTOWN in TOKYO

tao appearing on donghae’s instagram video~

Henry’s instagram update at SMTOWN Tokyo with Tao and Siwon



hztttao : wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Tao kissing the Japanese fans goodbye.
Tao kissing the Japanese fans goodbye.

Sutao’s not-very-platonic relationship…[1,2,3,4,5,6]

140920 TLPC @ Beijing

The stage is their playground. (1/2)

140920 TLPC @ Beijing

Beefdidi was sad but quickly lightened by Beefhyung (1/2)

baektao’s xoxo ending poses throughout the concerts

watching baektao is like watching a movie